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Choose between 2 great systems to create a
professional-looking stage quickly and economically


expressdeck alphadeck

Raised Floor Systems From ExpressDeck Staging


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A Lightweight Aluminum Stage Platform System For Bands, Choirs, DJ's, Concerts & More

Simply unfold your riser legs and attach the carpeted platform deck. Then add any stairs, skirting, and guard rails you may require, and you are ready for concerts, performances, special events, graduations, meetings, speeches, rallies, banquets, weddings, dances, exhibits, displays, demonstrations,trade shows, and more!


  • Easiest system to assemble and dismantle
  • Lightweight and compact for transport
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Endless configurations
  • Full range of accessories available

“The shipment arrived exactly on time. We unpacked and assembled our ExpressDeck staging and flight cases yesterday afternoon; everything was in perfect order and went together like a dream.

We are just thrilled with the elegance of design, ease of assembly and attention to detail in every regard. We couldn't be more pleased.”

Modular Staging Supports heavy weights

ExpressDeck may be a lightweight stage, but it can support up to 2,960 lbs per 4ft x 4ft deck (185 lbs/sq ft). ExpressDeck is suitable for indoor and some outdoor applications.

Create a unique stage with our flexible portable staging system

ExpressDeck portable staging is a completely modular platform system. Standard decks are 4' x4' and can be combined in any configuration with risers of varying heights. Add stage accessories such as stairs, guardrails, and skirting to finish your custom stage. With ExpressDeck staging, the possibilities are endless.

Modular Staging System is Simple to Assemble

ExpressDeck is the easiest modular staging system to assemble, connect, break down, and transport. Simply unfold the risers, line up the locking mechanisms on the riser corners with the corresponding holes on the platform, and lock with the included hex key. Once your platforms are assembled, they connect to each other via hidden locks using the same hex key. Assemble stairs by following the same procedure. How to build a portable stage

Modular Staging System Options and Accessories

Complete your ExpressDeck portable staging system with guard rails, steps, skirting, and travel and storage cases.See the complete list of options and stage accessories.






Portable Staging Available in Kits or Design Your Own System

ExpressDeck is available in simple-to-order, all-in-one packaged staging kits and stair kits or design your own staging system by ordering platforms and accessories ala carte.











Visit the dedicated ExpressDeck Portable Staging website





AlphaDeck Portable Staging / Raised Flooring System

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download specs Download Specifications - PDF


Create a professional-looking stage with this rugged, durable and affordable modular staging system for all types of facilities, venues and events


AlphaDeck is a durable, practical and affordable modular staging system that allows you to create a professional stage of nearly any size quickly and easily. Use AlphaDeck Raised Flooring Systems for all kinds of concerts, performances, special events, graduations, meetings, speeches, rallies, banquets, weddings, dances, exhibits, displays, demonstrations and trade shows.


  • Supports heavy weights
  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Manufactured by Signature Flooring
  • Full range of accessories available


AlphaDeck Raised Flooring Supports super-heavy weights

AlphaDeck modular staging is rugged and durable – standard 4’x 4’ decks can support weights up to 4,100 pounds – and is strong enough to support the weight of heavy equipment and vehicles. The platform frames are made from galvanized steel that will not rust or corrode, making AlphaDeck suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Create a Custom stage with our Modular system

AlphaDeck Staging platforms are available in two standard sizes: 4’x4’ and 2’x 4’. Each deck consists of a rugged, galvanized metal frame and a removable gray plywood deck insert. The plywood surface can be easily customized with carpet, vinyl, or nearly anything else you can imagine to match the look of your event or facility. Telescoping legs are fully adjustable, allowing stages from 4” to 48” in height.

This system offers tremendous built-in versatility so you can create nearly any size stage or platform that can adjust to different heights or to remain level over uneven ground. Best of all, AlphaDeck’s modular construction means you can create the perfect size stage for different events and venues and even add to your system as your needs change.

AlphaDeck’s cam-lock connection system is compatible with many other products so, if you already own a portable stage, you can use AlphaDeck into expand your existing staging.





Portable Staging that is Simple to assemble and connect

AlphaDeck was engineered to be easy to assemble and requires only a simple hex-key to connect the platforms using the integrated, all-metal cam-locks and adjustable legs are secured with removable locking snap-pins. These simple, sturdy cam-locks connect the decks securely on all four sides, making it easy to assemble a professional-looking stage of any size very quickly. Disassembly is just as fast, making it easy to break down your stage for storage between events

Portable Staging Options and Accessories

Customize your stage with rubber feet to protect sensitive floors, add stair kits and ADA-compliant ramps to improve access, guard rails for increased safety, and side-skirts for a more finished appearance. Decks are also available with optional drop-holes that allow you to thread wiring, electrical cables, and even plumbing neatly underneath the completed stage to keep the surface clear of hazardous and unsightly obstructions.

See the complete list of options and accessories.

Buy Modular Staging in kits or design your own system

AlphaDeck is available in easy-to-order, pre-packaged Stage Kits or you can design your own customized staging system by ordering platforms and accessories à la carte.











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